Monday, 11 March 2013

My Giveaway Win!

I really like entering blog giveaways. I like the idea of winning a prize, of course I do, but when it comes from a blog giveaway, you know the blogger has selected it because they like the product and endorse it themselves, which is certainly a good thing in my book.
Over the last year I must have entered loads of blog giveaways, but sadly I was not a lucky bunny :(
Last Friday I was having a particularly crappy day. Work has been a bit awful and I was feeling extremely down. Not to dwell on this point too long, I checked my email box before taking an early night in a bid to feel refreshed and better, and I was surprised to find an email from the lovely Anna to say I had won her blog giveaway! Yey! Double bonus, I had won a gorgeous Sanctuary Spa Gift Set, which is just what I needed to relax and chill out a little!

Anna sent me a lovely card, saying she hoped the set would relax me and make me feel brand new - me too Anna! Sadly the box got a little crushed getting through the letterbox, Grrr Postie! But no matter, as my goodies were safe and sound. They smell absolutely delicious, and I cant wait to use them!!
Anna blogs at Anna Nuttall Blog, and is running monthly giveaways on her blog for her readers, so hop over there toot sweet!

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  1. Thanx Jen for this post, Sound like the gift set was the perfect ticket for you. I'm not running a giveaway at the moment but i will do in a few week. Have a lovely day.

  2. Yay how lovely to get that email through on a particularly crappy day. Enjoy the goodies :) xxx


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