All about Me

I'm a 29 year old full time children's worker, un-domestic goddess, clothes and beauty addict, with a penchant for colouring my hair - quite a lot!! (It is now something close to it's natural colour)

I started blogging as a place to put all the pictures that I take of my baking - goodness knows why, and to show off the clothes I keep buying, particularly any bargains! I've found blogging to be incredibly therapeutic during times that I've gone through a hard time in the real world, and its just gone onwards and (hopefully) upwards from there.

As my blog has grown, so has my tastes and my blog focus. I now tend to blog a lot about my adventures and what I generally get up to. I also like to share outfits I have worn, bagians I have found, books I have read and general things I love.

So pull up a chair, grab a brew and have a read!

Why do you refer to yourself as 'Chief-WAG?
My other half plays for a local Sunday league football team, and the girls associated with the team for various reasons are jokingly referred to as the 'WAGs'. I became 'Chief Wag' when my boyfriend became the team manager.
Why do you talk about your dog alot?
My dog (and my cat) are essentially my 'children'. I don't have children at present, I'm not sure if I will, but my animals are my babies and are very spoilt!

What camera do you use?
 A Fujifilm S2500HD. It's a bridge camera, that I bought second hand via Preloved, which is worth considering if your thinking of a DSLR.

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